O - Youth Development

Rising Ambitions of Young Society,Inc

RAYS mission is empowering the younger generation and promoting and advocating an array of topics from drug awareness, to financial independence, youth development, and women empowerment. We work towards gender equality focusing on strengthening the socio-cultural richness to cultivate leadership capacity, and empowering them to have a voice regardless of race, creed, religion, and social status.

Nourish International

Nourish International’s mission is to nurture the skills, self-awareness and confidence of students to become social impact leaders. There are three primary aspects to the mission: students, ventures, and partnerships. Student leadership, social entrepreneurship, and community-based development are part of a three-pronged approach to impacting our communities Headquartered in North Carolina, Nourish inspires and engages students in 8 chapters across the United States and Canada in both Colleges and Universities and High Schools.

Queen's Advantage, Inc.

An after-school organization combating social deterioration by training & mentoring underprivileged youth in social-emotional learning, self-worth, financial literacy, conflict resolution, community interaction, goal setting and decision-making.