Legal Compliance Checklist for North Carolina Nonprofits

2019 Legal Compliance ChecklistThe updated Legal Compliance Checklist is available!

Created by the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits and updated annually in the fall, the Legal Compliance Checklist for North Carolina Nonprofits outlines laws that affect North Carolina nonprofits’ governance, finances, advocacy, human resources, and fundraising.

The newly-updated edition includes details on legal issues related to COVID-19, new state tax and employee health insurance laws, and changes to employment laws and state grant reporting requirements.

©2022, North Carolina Center for Nonprofit Organizations, Inc. All rights reserved. Written approval is required for any reprint or redistribution.

This checklist is not intended to give legal advice and should not be relied on without your attorney’s counsel. It is primarily a compliance tool for IRS Section 501(c)(3) public charities incorporated and operated in North Carolina. Private foundations and nonprofits classified as tax-exempt under other Internal Revenue Code sections may be subject to different rules and regulations.