L - Housing & Shelter

VHVH, Inc.

Restoring home, health and spirit allows our residents to focus on a tailored program that gives them the skills, education, confidence and a plan to rebuild their lives and reestablish them as net contributors to our community.

VHVH’s 30/30/90/30 program is customized to each resident in concert with our staff, led by a case manager and delivered over approximately 1 year. Our focus is moving our veterans to permanent housing and independence as soon as possible, yet our program has the flexibility to extend the veteran’s care to almost 2 years if necessary.

Aura Home Women Vets

Aura Home reaches out to women veterans seeking assistance with housing and is a resource for homeless prevention. We will provide future transitional housing and access to services to facilitate the individual stabilization for movement into long-term housing. Aura Home also offers information and assistance to apply for VA benefits with guidance of a certified Veteran Service Officer or VA Staff.

Next Step Development Corporation

Next Step Development Corporation is a newly formed nonprofit and our mission is to provide permanent supportive housing for individuals experiencing homelessness by providing micro housing and tiny home villages. We create a supportive environment including case management, job training, life skills training and substance use counseling.